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The Fujitsu range offers you a wide range of quality, recognised product brands which include the following:

High Capacity Floor Console

heating system
The larger floor consoles will give you all the heat you need. They can deliver up to 8kW of heat effortlessly and quietly and can also be installed as a ceiling suspended unit if required.

High Wall Mounted Heat Pumps

Wall mounted Air conditioner
These are the most popular models and are all Energy Star qualified. They are slim, elegant indoor units and are mounted unobtrusively on a wall. The Premier series offers you whisper quiet comfort with additional special filtration options, latest features and technology.
Wall mounted Air conditioner
The e3 Classic series utilises the new super-efficient thermodynamic system using R32 refrigerant to heat or cool your home. This system can deliver more heat for your dollar than previous systems. The brilliant e3 series brings new and intelligent features to add comfort, economy and health to your home lifestyle.
Wall mounted Air conditioner
e3 Design The e3 Design Series™ retains all of the super-efficient e3 breakthrough heat pump system. These stylish heat pumps have an elegant, compact finish and include intelligent features that makes the series a leader in both form and function. They include human sensors, simple and intuitive controls and unique extra features to improve the comfort and health of your home lifestyle.

Ceiling Cassettes

Kitchen chimney
Cassette Type Split Systems are extremely discreet, as they have only the grille showing in the ceiling. Other features consist of quiet fan speed, air filter maintenance indicator and a built-in condensate pump.

Ducted Systems

Duct system
The Fujitsu ducted range offers you discreet heating and cooling in several rooms, with only the outlets visible on the inside. You can choose Bulkhead type (no duct work required), Low Profile or Hi-Static models to best suit your situation, and enjoy the latest technology with high-efficiency DC fan motors and DC twin rotary compressors.
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